Steps to build your personal aesthetic

Hi everybody!

You know I am coursing Fashion Industrial Essential at Parsons and one of the things they insist more is in the brand aesthetic and how it has to represent your story and your visual style. I have created in my Pinterest my Mood Board and Personal Visual Style and you can click them to see deeply how they are :).

I want to write this post to make a brief of how the thing I’m creating during the course make their concordance.

Mood Board at home

Mood Board Collage

Personal Visual Style

I have updated my social media profiles using these colors, and images from my mood board, so that is why you all can see changes in them if you follow me in others social media. This is an example in Linkedin:

Using my personal visual style as inspiration I have created a color story for my next collections and renewed brand

Begin by looking at a color chart I have found my primary and secondary colors and the corresponding Pantone Code. The website Canva is super useful to make it.

Then I added swatches from Swatchon site to make my Color Palette at Pinterest. 

Images for inspiration designing the collection

Do you see the link between the steps?? I hope you do, I really do!!


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