The Soho Collection

Hi Everybody,

Coming back here! It had been a long time since I posted last time. I have been focus on my brand first and then in the pandemic. You all know I am a pharmacist and I considered it was more useful and required to help the society out from my position in the Pharmacy than manufacturing clothes and talking about fashion. I really feel proud of my team and me about our work in the Pharmacy during the pandemic. Mostly at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic where we helped a lot of customers and patients in the town where my pharmacy is, managing prescriptions and carrying medicines personally because of the huge amount of doctors that came down with Covid19. I congratulate them and all people working in the Health System of my country Spain.

Afterwards I would like to say that I am very sorry for the break and fall in the Fashion World. Many fashion stores and designers have quitted their business after this hard period where fashion has been forgotten by the population. It also happened to me so I understand it. I had just finished my last collection when the Covid19 started to spread all over the planet. I couldn’t put the collection in stores till half a year later and on sale. I have never posted the collection here because I was angry and desperate talking about the fashion business and I preferred to take a break.

Now, I feel like continuing to design and create again, so that I would do it. I start my new «fashion design period» showing you the capsule collection I have never shown here, The Soho Collection. Finally, it has a place here in my blog. Enjoy it!

Every items are on 60% off discount, just visit to buy them 🙂

This is the star of the collection! The Blazer Red Pasión Red, amazing!

You can find it also in Charcoal Grey

Then we have three spectacular dresses, same pattern, different fabrics

The Dye Denim Dress:

The Black Stars Dress:

The Night Blue Dress:

An finally, the blazers!

The Gold/Blue Stripes Blazers:

The Green/Black Stripe Blazer:

The Electric Dark Green Blazer:

The Electric Blue Blazer:

Thanks!! Kisses xxxx

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