Dress for success

Hi!! This is another assignment for Parsons´ course that I think it can be useful so I share. They talk about how to dress for success the first day starting an internship or job in a fashion company. They recommend us to focus in our personal style, keep things simple and look appropriate.

They also give us some advices like:

  1. To wear flat shoes. If you wear heels, please medium high. Why? Because we have to be comfortable to go through the city from one store to another ( looking for trims, fabrics, samples, carrying items etc ). You should be free to move. If you don’t like wear flat shoes, you can buy a pair of them and leave them in the office under your desk.
  2. Clothes: A good idea is wear a top and pants. Every of them comfortable. The pants shouldn’t be like a «pijama» neither too tight. The top should be plain. Some details in the pattern might be a great idea, but please don’t go with a striking or showy item. If you want to wear a dress, you should choose the length you are comfortable with and not too tight. Also it should leave you move opened and quickly.
  3. The jewellery is the accessory you can use to give your personality to the outfit. Be careful and don’t wear something that could be very noisy in the environment, keep it simple but following your aesthetic.
  4. Once you have seen how the people in the company wear when working, you can do your own choices.

I show bellow some outfits I would choose for the very first day in a company in New York or Madrid for an internship/job:

Spring, flat shoes
Winter, sneakers
Spring, medium heels
For backstage, medium heels
Summer, medium heels
Summer, flats

That’s all friends!


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