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Once again writing a post for Fashion Industrial Essentials ( Parsons ). I want to share useful tasks you should consider if you are hoping to build a popular fashion blog or a fashion brand. As they say in the course, you should start every day by looking over your tracking numbers. They also say that everyone who is looking to shape their online brand needs to pay attention to what is drawing attention to their profile and content. So if you are not getting many hits, then you need to work on updating your profile and skills. There are many tools available for looking at your visitor data built into most social media platforms.

Each of your social media sites have tools to investigate information on the number of hits, shares, likes etc. In addition, you can set up an account at Hootsuite.com or similar as an aggregation tool and start monitoring your social media stats. They recommend this tool in the course. I have created an account in Hootsuite and I have analysed my stats. I will comment it bellow.

After looking for my most successful posts in my Instagram account, I realised that they are always in relationship with my work in Pharmacy, so I decided to post something similar. I posted two photos wearing my pharmacist uniform outside and inside my pharmacy and I also posted a photo with my team. I also tagged them to have more visits coming from their accounts. The result was wonderful because it has been my best post in likes ever.

First of all, I analysed the insights from Instagram tool, and these are the results:

I am going to study my stats from Hootsuite:

Audience growth:

Post engagement rate:

The number of post impressions changes a little bit because I did the screenshot in Hootsuit one day later( From 769 to 772 ). The rest is the same as in Instagram.

Inbound engagement:

Links clicks:

Brand awareness:

To know who visits, where they come from and what time of day, I should update status in Hootie and I don’t want to spend more in this analytics yet.

I wish I gave you ideas to analyse your brand or blog!

See you soon


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