nieves de pablo


Idyllic black

Photos: DIEGO MAYOR Clothing: SISTERS Make up: AQUILEA Hairstyle: NIEVES DE PABLO Jewelry: MONREAL Location: ALFONSO MAROTO. Restaurante NUMANCIA ( Arcos de Jalón ) Soria Thankful note to: RUBEN MORALES Hi everybody, this is a new post in a great old cinema called CINE NUMANCIA, in…

Vintage premier

Photos by Diego Mayor. Make up and manicure by Aquilea, centro de estética y masajes. Hair style by Nieves de Pablo Peluquería. Jewelry by Monreal Tiendas Oro Soria. Clothing: Adolfo Dominguez Soria. Location: Cine Roma, Soria ( Spain ). New post in an old vintage cinema. Preserving its…

One dress, 2 jackets: 2 styles

Photos by DIEGO MAYOR Make up by AQUILEA ( Centro de estética y masajes ) Hairstyle by NIEVES DE PABLO Peluquería Clothing by U de ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ Jewelry by MONREAL TiendasOro Location: Soria    Hi friends! In this post I´m going to show you how to make a black close-fitting dress looks…

Ethnic riding

Photos by DIEGO MAYOR Make up by AQUILEA ( Centro de estética y masajes, Soria ) Hairstyle by NIEVES DE PABLO Peluquería ( Soria ) Jewelry by MONREAL TiendasOro ( Soria ) Location: countryside ( Soria ) Here again readers, today I show you a new post which can be familiar for…

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