melissa shoes


Black&White Laundry

Photos by DIEGO MAYOR Make up by AQUILEA ( Centro de estética y masajes, Soria ) Hairstyle by NIEVES DE PABLO Peluquería ( Soria ) Jewelry by MONREAL TiendasOro ( Soria ) Location: washing place in Martialay ( Soria ) Hi everybody, new post made in a curious ancient washing place! Kept…

Enjoying Melissa in a neoprene dress!

Photoshoot - tour by HERO&CREATIVES Photographer: Clara Zamith Assistent: Marina Moretti Taxidriver in tour: Gilberto Neto Location: São Paulo ( Brazil ) Hi everybody, In show you again one post done in Brazil. This is one of my best posts in my opinión  because you can see either the outfit…

In Basel flea market

  PHOTOSHOOT-TOUR BY HERO&CREATIVES.  ( Photographer: Olivia Harmon ) Hi everybody, I was looking forward to show you these photos in Basel  ( Switzerland )!. This photoshoot - tour is a great idea created by HERO&CREATIVES, I highly recommend it!. I loved the experience. We…

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