Bye Bye summer!

Hi everybody! The summer is ending so I leave in my blog these pictures to say good bye to this season. These photos are from my stay in Miami when I started to think about summer clothes and sunny days this year. Although I wash´t…

Beach chic in San Sebastián

Hi friends, Spanish people continue to have a very hot summer, so this time I am taking a break from the high temperatures visiting northern Spain, in San Sebastian. The breeze of the Cantabrian Sea was absolutely welcome, especially lowering the temperature at sunset. Being…

Art Deco theme in a white sport outfit

Hi everyones! This is my second post in Miami Beach, specifically in South Beach area. This is Ocean Drive Avenue, almost reaching South Pointe. I particularly liked this area because it was much less crowded than from the 5th to the 10th street, focus on…

My best maxi dress for the greatest Pier

Photoshoot by Hero&Creatives Photographer: Wojciech Okuszko Location: Brighton, England. Great post up today! It was done in Brighton, an amazing British town, I want to come back right now!. Brigthon is a town on the south coast of Great Britain. Brighton Pier opened in 1899. It features a funfair, restaurants and…

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