Luxe & fringes

Photos: DIEGO MAYOR Clothing: SISTERS Make-up: AQUILEA Hairstyle: NIEVES DE PABLO Jewelry: MONREAL Location: CINE NUMANCIA (Arcos de Jalón). Hi everybody! I invite you to see a new post of fashion here in my blog. Here you have a special oufit in a special location…

Idyllic black

Photos: DIEGO MAYOR Clothing: SISTERS Make up: AQUILEA Hairstyle: NIEVES DE PABLO Jewelry: MONREAL Location: ALFONSO MAROTO. Restaurante NUMANCIA ( Arcos de Jalón ) Soria Thankful note to: RUBEN MORALES Hi everybody, this is a new post in a great old cinema called CINE NUMANCIA, in…

Vintage premier

Photos by Diego Mayor. Make up and manicure by Aquilea, centro de estética y masajes. Hair style by Nieves de Pablo Peluquería. Jewelry by Monreal Tiendas Oro Soria. Clothing: Adolfo Dominguez Soria. Location: Cine Roma, Soria ( Spain ). New post in an old vintage cinema. Preserving its…


This is the ENTÉRATE anniversary event which took place last Friday in pub Ogham, Soria. My best wishes for this great team!! It´s a pleasure cooperate with you, let´s go for the second year!! There were concerts, monologues and awards. Such a nice evening! Congratulations!…

See the making of!!!

Getting ready for the shooting! First step: Make up and manicure in AQUILEA Centro estético y masajes ( Soria ). Great results both make up and nails !!! Primer paso: Maquillaje y manicura en AQUILEA Centro de estética y masajes (Soria). Gran resultado!! tanto el maquillaje como las uñas, en un color…

One dress, 2 jackets: 2 styles

Photos by DIEGO MAYOR Make up by AQUILEA ( Centro de estética y masajes ) Hairstyle by NIEVES DE PABLO Peluquería Clothing by U de ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ Jewelry by MONREAL TiendasOro Location: Soria    Hi friends! In this post I´m going to show you how to make a black close-fitting dress looks…

Shooting in pearls

I show some of the photographs for Monreal Jeweller´s shooting. Champaign “Pearls´ Month”. The second week of September will be the post in my Blog. Nice collaboration! Aquilea ( make-up ), Nieves de Pablo ( hairstyle ), U de Adolfo Domínguez ( wardrobe ), Lucas…

Ethnic riding

Photos by DIEGO MAYOR Make up by AQUILEA ( Centro de estética y masajes, Soria ) Hairstyle by NIEVES DE PABLO Peluquería ( Soria ) Jewelry by MONREAL TiendasOro ( Soria ) Location: countryside ( Soria ) Here again readers, today I show you a new post which can be familiar for…
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