Dress for success

Hi!! This is another assignment for Parsons´ course that I think it can be useful so I share. They talk about how to dress for success the first day starting an internship or job in a fashion company. They recommend us to focus in our…

How to track your social media

Hi friends! Once again writing a post for Fashion Industrial Essentials ( Parsons ). I want to share useful tasks you should consider if you are hoping to build a popular fashion blog or a fashion brand. As they say in the course, you should…

My Key Visual

Hey there! Creating my presentation page I miss my time as a blogger, so I want to add my resume till 2013 to 2016. If you want to remember the time click the link below :)! KEY VISUAL Á+DISTRICT Then, I concentrated all my passion…

My Product

Hi there! This is another assignment for my Parsons' Fashion Course where I have to do a figurative final product of my brand and calculate its costs. I have to bring together an idea for my signature bag and the way I can express my visual…

Learning about Productions Costs

Hi everybody! I am doing a course at Parsons about Fashion Industrial Essentials that make me do some exercises and write about them and its conclusions. Therefore, I have decided to post them here and make them public because they may be interesting for somebody…

The chaos of the sizes

We all know how difficult is to buy an item online if you don't know the brand yet. Why? Because there is a huge range of measurement depending on the country. I did a trip in a mall placed near my home in Madrid in…

The Soho Collection

Hi Everybody, Coming back here! It had been a long time since I posted last time. I have been focus on my brand first and then in the pandemic. You all know I am a pharmacist and I considered it was more useful and required…

Malvalocabrand, el complemento del verano!

Elige tu color favorito, y tu estampado estrella: rayas, rombos, geométricos .... La sorpresa de la marca este verano es la toalla hammam de playa!! Diferentes tonos para elegir, cómprala a juego con tu bañador o bikini! Y otra opción, a juego con tus alpargatas @malvalocabrand,…

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